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Electronic Lock Body


Iron Lock Case with Black EP Finish 

       SS304 Latch&Dead Bolts, Faceplate, & Follower
Function: Entrance Door

Use for: Fingerprint/Coded Securiy Door Lock

Faceplate Size: 240x24x3; 240x30x3 (mm)

Power Supply: DC Motor(Built-in)

Weight: 985 g

  1. Model Number: DST206
  2. Material:  
    • Iron lock case base and lock case cover with black EP finish
    • SS304 Faceplate, Latch Bolt & Dead Bolts, Follower
  3. Size:  175 x 90 x 20 mm
  4. Backset :  61.5 mm
  5. Center to Center Distance: 68 mm
  6. Power Supply: DC Motor (Built-in)
  7. Main Funcion:  Entrance Door
  8. Usage: for Fingerprint/Coded Lock Securiy Door Lock
  9. Durability: 100,000 Openings
  10. Weight: 985 g




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